The Kensington Gardens team are always keen to do whatever we can to facilitate your ideal retirement lifestyle.

Take for example our New Home Co-ordinators, Theresa at Kensington Gardens Albury and Ros at Kensington Gardens Shepparton.

Whether you have a firm concept in mind of how you’d like your home to look, or you’re looking for ideas and advice, Theresa and Ros have the experience and passion to help you turn a house into a home. 

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Talk to us about your ideas and discover what’s possible

Once you’ve chosen your preferred home from our 15+ designs, you then have the flexibility to make changes so that it suits your lifestyle. You can move practically anything within the footprint of your home – even the bathroom and kitchen.

And if you’re not sure how the home design will translate from its plan into reality, Theresa and Ros can help there too. They’ll be happy to take you through some actual examples of homes that are based upon the design you’re considering.  

And if you have an overall idea of the alterations you’d like to make, our New Home Co-ordinators can give you the guidance you need to ensure your design is practical and suited to your lifestyle. 

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Selecting the perfect colour palette for your new home

One of the design elements that can have the biggest influence on your new home is your choice of colours, for both the home’s interior and its exterior. 

You may like to opt for sense of spaciousness; or you might prefer a more intimate, cozy feel.

Whichever look and ‘feel’ you’re aiming for, Ros and Theresa are here to help. They can advise you on the right combination of tones to complement your home design and give you the result you wish for.

Likewise, the floor coverings you choose are entirely up to you. Theresa and Ros can advise you on aspects such as liveability, and how different surfaces complement your home’s décor. They can help you achieve a balance between looking great and offering a practical solution for everyday living. 

Design your perfect home with Kensington Gardens

If you’d like advice and ideas about how to make your new home truly your own, we invite you to speak to Theresa at Kensington Gardens Albury or Ros at Kensington Gardens Shepparton.  

To arrange your meeting with our New Home Co-ordinators, call our friendly team or use the form to the right to book a time to come in and visit us.